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Krava 101

What is the cost of the K1?

The K1 starts at $30,000 which includes setup + installation. The K1+ costs $35,000 and includes setup, installation, electrical, and AC with heating and cooling. The K1 Pro pricing is targeted at real-estate developers and pricing is available upon request.

What color do the walls come painted for the K1?

The interior walls of the K1 are painted white before arriving to your property.

Where are the Krava spaces built?

We are based out of Austin, TX and proud to be building in the United States.

Who will install the Krava space?

We will work with you to finalize an installation date and partner with licensed contractors to come setup the K1.

Are the Krava spaces weather proof?

All weather-proofing details meet or exceed the residential code standard in the state of Texas.

Does Krava offer a warranty?

All Krava products as well as our certified installations are backed by a 1-year warranty covering material defects and workmanship. Additional manufacturer warranties apply to our doors, windows, roofing, and certain other products included with your Krava space.

How does electricity work for the Krava spaces?

The Krava K1+ comes with an integrated electrical setup, inclusive of all necessary fixtures, switches, and outlets. While homeowners need to manage the trenching and connection to the main house via a 50 Amp outlet, our skilled installation team can often assist in this regard. Based on your local regulations, obtaining an electrical permit might be required.

What is modular housing?

Modular homes are constructed in factory-controlled settings in sections, then transported and assembled on permanent foundations. It boasts:

  • Quality: Indoor construction protects against weather-related damages.
  • Flexibility: Diverse designs and layouts are possible.
  • Efficiency: Predictable construction timelines.

We specialize in panelized modular construction. Instead of shipping entire room sections, we build and ship wall panels. This method is more efficient in transport and offers greater design flexibility along with lowered delivery costs and assembly time.

Can I customize the design?

Currently the K1 has a set layout and design that is available to view on our website. However, we can accommodate minor design changes on a case by case basis.

What if the unit is in an area that could flood?

While the Krava unit sits on adjustable legs that give it over a foot of clearance with the ground, we do not recommend placing the K1 in a flood zone. Check if your property is in a flood zone here https://www.fema.gov/flood-maps .

What materials do you use?
  • Framing: Dimensional Lumber + Light Gauge Steel
  • Insulation: Polyisocyanurate + Extruded Polystyrene
  • Interior Finish: Painted birch plywood
  • Exterior Finish: Sealed cedar boards
  • Sheathing: Asphalt-impregnated fiberboard
Can they be disassembled?

Since we use a panelized system, the Krava unit can be disassembled just as easily as it is assembled by our licensed contractors. We are happy to help facilitate the process but you will have additional labor + delivery costs associated with the build if you choose to move the space. Currently, we are not facilitating the relocation process but may provide these services in the near future.

Are there any showrooms I can visit?

At the moment we do not have any specialized showrooms to visit. However, we can walk through a virtual tour to see what your Krava space would look like. We are also able to show you our demo K1 Pro located in Lago Vista, TX.

How do I insure my K1?

The K1 comes with a 1-year warranty for any issues related to material defects and workmanship. However, the responsibility to insure the unit beyond the warranty (natural disasters, theft, etc.) lies with the landowner. Most homeowner’s insurance policies generally include coverage for all buildings on the property but it is the customer’s duty to verify with their insurance.

Shipping + Delivery

How do you secure it to the ground?

Our default process is to pour concrete footings and then attach our proprietary adjustable legs to the footings; however, we can also install on existing concrete slabs.

How long will it take for me to receive the Krava K1?

From your reservation, it will take an estimated 1-3 months for you to receive your K1. These timelines are subject to change.

Where are you currently delivering in the United States?

We are currently only delivering to homeowners in Texas; however, be sure to sign up here if you are interested in the Krava space and we are not in your city yet!

Rules + Regulations

Do you need a building permit to install the Krava K1?

No, we don’t need a building permit to install the K1; however, in certain jurisdictions, we may need an electrical permit to install the K1+.

How does it impact property taxes?

Permanent structures on your property can affect property taxes. The K1 is not considered a permanent structure, as it can be easily disassembled. However, it is important to consult with local tax professionals to understand any potential impacts of installing a K1 on your property.

Do you need HOA approval for the Krava K1?

This is something that depends case to case. Each HOA has different requirements but the Krava team will work alongside you to better understand the rules.

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